Plymouth gig 11.12.15

dec 11

Support the Badger Cull saboteurs!

We’ve just received a request to share this info. Please support the tireless and committed people who are taking to the fields and the woods to save our wildlife. Badgers are in the firing line again; victims to ignorant, short sighted and ruthless government policy. There is mounting opposition to the cull both on ethical and scientific grounds. More information can be found here:

Here is where you can donate. Please share this info and encourage friends and family to support direct action in defence of our wildlife:



Dirty weekend punkfest!


OH YEAH!!!! We’re very excited about this! So many great bands, top politics and a proper punk and organised crew putting it on. And it’s in a field! Proper job!

We’re very pleased to be playing on the Pumpkin Records stage Sunday evening, 6.30pm. See ya there!

Sunday 30th Aug: Rebel Soul stage at Shambala festival

So this weekend Spanner is off to sample a bit of Utopia – well that’s what it says on the tin anyway! Apparently it’s going to be instated at Shambala festival. We think there might be some new song material here…

Anyway, we’re playing at the Rebel Soul stage, Sunday night at 00.15. So yes, that means pace yourselves, possibly an afternoon power snooze and lashings of soya cappuccino darlings!

Rebel Soul are mixing music and politics throughout the festival in recognition of the fact that Utopia doesn’t come without a struggle! Funds raised at the stage and cafe go to support social movements and radical campaigns and initiatives. So if you’re at Shambala check out their programme and cafe. Dude.


Free gig at the Chelsea this Sunday!


Outcider festival

Outcider poster with changes

Spanish anarchists solidarity fundraiser – No estan solos!


On the 16th December Catalan police raided 14 houses and social enters in Barcelona and Madrid, destroying or stealing everything of value. Without concrete accusations and with the greatest secrecy, 11 comrades were sent to a high court in Madrid. 4 have been released with charges and 7 have been locked up (in part for supporting the 2 anarchists who have already been in prison for the past year). So that’s now 7 people imprisoned simply for being anarchists.

The situation in Spain has taken a massive turn lately when the state passed the new ‘Gag’ laws. These laws basically mean complete control from a totalitarian and fascistic regime, here is a few examples of what is now ‘illegal’ and can face hefty fines. Google to find out the full list.

Photographing or recording police – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
Peaceful disobedience to authority – 600 to 30.000€ fine.

Meeting or gathering in front of Congress – 600 to 30.000€ fine.
It allows random identity checks, allowing for racial profiling of immigrants and minorities.
Police can now carry out raids at their discretion, without the need for “order” to have been disrupted.

To show solidarity, Riot Ska Records (us) and Pumpkin Records will be donating any money made through their Bandcamp pages to the Spanish anarchists for legal costs, fines, and whatever they think it’s best used for.

Bring it on! First gig of the year!


For a winter of discontent…


De Vloek stay strong! Up the squatters!

We have great memories of this incredible squatted social centre and gig space. We hope that the strength of feeling and community resistance will save it from “development”.  Here’s to many more gigs, cafes, workshops, meetings and organising for years to come.

De Vloek, stay solid and fight to win!!! We will see you there again!!!

rippin it up @ Pirate bar


The city government of The Hague wants to evict social center De Vloek 
on January 5, 2015 to make room for a sailing center. Located in the 
harbor of Scheveningen, De Vloek was squatted 12.5 years ago and 
meanwhile has grown to be an essential social space in the harbor. De 
Vloek is home to the organic vegan restaurant “Water en Brood”, the 
concert hall “de Piratenbar”, many work spaces, studios, living spaces 
and rehearsal rooms for bands. There is already enough space for sport 
sailing in the harbor, but De Vloek must nevertheless move aside for the 
latest prestigious real estate project which nobody is looking forward 

On Thursday October 16, the city council will make a final decision 
about whether or not De Vloek must disappear. 
Please hang solidarity banners on your social center, squatters bar,
community center or house. We would also like to receive photos so that 
we can put them on our website, to show that there is broad international 
support for De Vloek. 
Photos of banners and actions can be sent to devloekposter[at]

On August 7, the campaign for the preservation of De Vloek commenced 
with a symbolic squatting action at the Pier. This icon of Scheveningen, 
which has already been vacant for a long time was occupied for several 
hours by supporters of De Vloek, providing for national attention (see: With a large and well  attended 
manifestation, we let the rest of the city know about the importance of 
our space (see:

Social center De Vloek will not go! Stop the demolition!