Spanner / Action Sedition split out now!!!


We’re very excited to announce the release of our split 7″, “History Lessons”, with Action Sedition, a fantastic Montreal based antifascist band who we were lucky enough to meet and play with on our tour of Canada. In the spirit of international solidarity, we’re especially happy and proud to work with such a great band and top people that are Action Sedition as well as such committed and solid labels like Rebel Time Records, Iron Column Records, Jobsworth Records, Maloka Records and local legends Riot Ska Records. What a line up! We want to say a big thank you to all of the above for all the top work and support that has gone into the release and for their ongoing efforts to encourage movement off as well as on the dancefloors and to make punk a threat again.

The record is available from all the distros involved as well as direct from the bands.

Here’s more info on the release:

Here it is online:

We hope you enjoy the songs and they contribute something towards motivation for action!



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