40 years of punk fest!

This weekend we’re pleased to be celebrating the continuing strength and appeal of DIY punk, with fellow punkers from Bristol and beyond…


It’s now on the Sunday, from 12 noon til 12 midnight. Here is the REVISED event programme and set times.

Open doors at MIDDAY –

Intro to the event and all the groups, designers and artists involved.

Workshops from Button Up badge making crew.

Bristol antifascists will be giving an introduction to the Anti Fascist Network and militant antifascism at 2pm.

Anarchy TV Sofa Sessions (13:00 – 14:45)

Anarchy TV intro with Doc Insane, then talks with guests:

* Doug Francisco (The Invisible Circus, Loco Klub, Tropicana)
* Wally Dean (Free Stonehenge/ WickedSpinsRadio/ TravChav Soundsystem)
* Rita Lynch (Bristol singer/songwriter/anarcho-feminist activist)
* Mark Wilson (The Mob) & Steve Lake (zounds) (Rockaway Park, book, film & live music projects)

Freak Boutique Live Stage (powered by Carnival Punks Soundsystem)

14:45 Rita Lynch (acoustic set)
15:30 51st STATE
16:15 Husbands N’ Knives
17:00 Public Order Act
18:30 The Bus Station Loonies
19:30 Disorder
20:30 Atterkop
21:15 Spanner
22:15 The Sporadics
23:00 Dean Travchav Phillips (DJ set)

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