Cardiff anarchist bookfair afterparty


“7pm – M-POWER: Rapper, lyricist, traveller M-Power lays down socially conscious raps over sweet beats. With a number of festivals and gigs under his belt, he will be joined tonight by live guitar drums and saxophone.

8pm – MWSTARD: Bi-lingual post punk DIY thrash dub jazz from the wild west (of wales). Not been around long in this format but the band members had been around the block a few times before getting together and know how to get miserable angry anarchists up and dancing.

9pm – 100,000 BODYBAGS: Over the last twenty years the ‘bags have been recording angry, shouty music as a release for their anger with the system. As the name implies, they hold no punches when blasting out their melodic hard-core to provide the ideal soundtrack for kicking over statutes and burning flags.

10pm – SPANNER: Hailing from the Brizzle activist scene,
Spanner walk it like they talk it. They have been blasting out their own brand of uncompromising ska punk at festivals, protests and parties for most of this century. They have played all over Europe and have several tours of Canada under their belt. But playing an after party for an anarchist book fair is their spiritual home.“

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