Refugee solidarity gig

Roll up, roll up, you ‘orrible little squigglies – it’s gig time at the Red Lion! A night of music raising money for the Dunkirk Refugee Women’s Centre!

More precise times to follow, but things will be kicking off around 8:30/9:00 with….

Anarcho Folko playing their distressing, fast ‘n’ sloppy folk-punk shouty tunes. After several years of lying fallow, this is their long-threatened return to live gigging so come laugh at them shitting their kecks with terror!

Next up is Perkie bringing some awesome solo indie dream pop. Killa keys, vonderful vocals and lush lyrics. personal/political/powerful/passionate/pandas/pangolins

Finally, would it be a Bristol benefit gig without Spanner? Who can say? Regardless, they are playing so all is well. You know the drill: come dance around to their political punk-ska-and-all-sorts stylings and celebrate them finally finishing mixing their fucking album 😉

The gig is a benefit for Dunkirk Refugee Women’s Centre, a volunteer-run space that is “committed to supporting women, families and minors in and around Grande Synthe, Dunkirk and Calais. We support the specific needs of women, children and vulnerable people, of all ages and nationalities, who have left their homes and loved ones due to war, conflict and persecution”

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