New album out now shocker!

So this has been a while in the works and it’s been a little bit of a metaphor for the struggle at times. But hey, we won’t be stopped! Our new album, entitled “We won’t be stopped”, is out now on vinyl, to be followed shortly on CD.

Records are £10 plus post and packing.

Email us to order a copy at

In Bristol you can get it from BASE infoshop:

Blind Destruction records have helped with the release and are also stocking it in the UK.

In Canada, Rebel Time Records are our accomplices.

In France and Europe the guilty parties are Mass Prod, Maloka and La France Pue, all of whom have helped put it out and will be helping to get it about!

We’ll put up a hopefully growing list of other shops and distros selling the album as we distro it ourselves. If you run a distro or radical infoshop and would like to stock the album, please get in touch.

Huge thanks to all the above record labels and everyone who helped make the album. We have a “Oh my gosh, we actually got it out!” celebration gig on March 30th with our old mates Primeval Soup at the Red Lion, which is also a benefit for Bristol Antifascists. They won’t be stopped either!

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