Refugee solidarity night 15.02.19

Dorset Radical bookfair afterparty 04.11.18

Confirmed so far:

Dan Kemp: fiddle player, singer-songwriter, traditional and anarcho-folk, formerly with Ash Victim, Buskin’ Punx Orchestra, Will Tun and the Wasters.  Bandcamp  Facebook

Geeza: Resident reggae D.J.

Jonny L: Acoustic punk, rock n’ roll with a bit of ska thrown in.

Kickin’ Bambi: Socially conscious full-on punk band from Bournemouth.  Facebook

Mercurius Rising: Acoustic campfire/squat-punk with varied musical influences.  Bandcamp  Facebook  Soundcloud

Spanner: Militant ska-punk band from Bristol. “Music to strike fear into the hearts of capitalists, cops, bosses and politicians everywhere!” Bandcamp  Facebook  Soundcloud  Website

Undying Heads: Travelling hobo band playing original compositions and a few covers. Duo with sometime guest artists joining in. Currently busking and looking for gigs in Portugal, Spain, Ireland and UK. Bandcamp Facebook

BDS fundraiser this Saturday!

Plymouth punks birthday bash!

AWOL brings you a “right royal” birfday celebration.
Andy n Liz (Plymuff punk royalty) both turn 50 this year.
Also they have been together for 25 years,with CDS being one of their first dates.AHHH!!!!
So please turn up and raise a pint or two in their honour.
DJ Crusty will be spinning some reggae/dub and ska between the bands.

We’re playing with CDS and Bus Station Loonies and we’re on at 9.30pm!

Party time! UP THA PUNX!!!

Bath 07.09.17

The weekend starts early in Bath with a whopping gurt Subhumans gig! We’re pleased to play again with them and look forward to hearing the other bands too! We’re on 9.15-9.45pm. Here’s the event:

Common Ground festival, Bristol

Need a reason to restore your faith in DIY punk and what we can do with a bit of organisation? Well, have a look at Common Ground festival. We’re playing on the Sunday. Can’t wait!

Solidarity with comrades in Italy!



ADM festival this weekend!!!

We just can’t wait for this! The ADM in Amsterdam is an incredible example of DIY anarchist squat culture at it’s best. We’re so proud to play at their 19th birthday. There is going to be much dancing and merry making!


The Italian job – part two!

Here we go again! This week it’s back to Italy to see old friends and meet some new ones! We start things off on Wednesday at the incredible El Paso squatted social centre in Torino and will end up playing in a field in the mountains by Sunday! We can’t flippin’ wait! Punks in mountains and pizza in mouths! Lots of it! Let’s go!


Thursday is at the Vis Rabbia spazio sociale in Avigliana:

Monza 2016


Alerta antifascist festival, Amsterdam

Here’s a healthy reminder that we are indeed everywhere! Always antifascist!

This is going to be a stonker! All the info is here:

alerta 2016