Red Lion 28.01.18

BDS fundraiser this Saturday!

Mercurius rising album launch!

This Saturday 11th November at the Chelsea in Easton, we’re playing with the hard working, fun loving, crusty bastard folk punkers Mercurius Rising, for their long awaited album launch! Chuck SJ Hay and Invincible Pigs are also bringing the noise. There will be records and rowdiness! Expect much merriment and mayhem from, at a guess, 8pm! It’s not going to look like this…

Plymouth punks birthday bash!

AWOL brings you a “right royal” birfday celebration.
Andy n Liz (Plymuff punk royalty) both turn 50 this year.
Also they have been together for 25 years,with CDS being one of their first dates.AHHH!!!!
So please turn up and raise a pint or two in their honour.
DJ Crusty will be spinning some reggae/dub and ska between the bands.

We’re playing with CDS and Bus Station Loonies and we’re on at 9.30pm!

Party time! UP THA PUNX!!!

Fundraiser at the Plough 09.09.17

This is a benefit for Sven and Natasha, more info below and at

On the morning of the 6th July 2012 police in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, raided Sven and Natasha’s home and the office of the local animal rights group. The police seized computers, storage devices, printers, cameras and paperwork from both addresses. Sven and Natasha were arrested with European arrest warrants for ‘conspiracy to blackmail’ in relation to Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), the UK’s largest animal testing laboratory. They were held in prison for a week before being released on strict bail conditions, having surrendered their passports. A third person was also raided and arrested in the UK.

In early 2014 the UK defendant went to trial and was convicted of committing conspiracy to blackmail between 2001 – 2011, for her part in running Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), a global campaign that fought for the closure of HLS. She is now serving a 6 year prison sentence. Sven and Natasha are currently waiting to be extradited to the UK for their trial. They are charged with committing conspiracy to blackmail between November 2008 – December 2010, accused of carrying out a range of actions, from posting polite campaign letters to criminal damage.

Sven and Natasha have been charged with ‘conspiracy to blackmail’. Conspiracy and blackmail charges have been used increasingly over recent years to repress and dismantle animal rights campaign groups. The implications of these police operations should concern all social justice movements and anyone who organises against corporations or the state.

Bath 07.09.17

The weekend starts early in Bath with a whopping gurt Subhumans gig! We’re pleased to play again with them and look forward to hearing the other bands too! We’re on 9.15-9.45pm. Here’s the event:

Common Ground festival, Bristol

Need a reason to restore your faith in DIY punk and what we can do with a bit of organisation? Well, have a look at Common Ground festival. We’re playing on the Sunday. Can’t wait!

Griffstock 2017!

Ok, so they may not have put us on the poster (well, we did arrive late to the party!) but we’re playing anyway! Always a goodun! Top bands and people!

We’re on Sunday eve, 7pm.

Redfest gig at Red Lion!

Well, where else? There’s the spanner van circa 1936 and we’ll keep coming back for more! We’re always proud to play one of the last bastions of punk in this city, the Red Lion, this Saturday night, for our little contribution to Redfest community festival. We’re on at 9pm and no, we’re not doing our spanner jazz punks set!

Red Lion 24.07.17: Accidente, Atterkop and Spanner!

Join us for a night of the right sort of noise with Accidente from Madrid and Atterkop from round ere. Yes, it’s Monday. It doesn’t matter! You need to come see Accidente! They are one helluva band and they mean it! And you know it’s always riproaring with Atterkop!

It’s also International Antifascist Prisoner Solidarity day (well the day before, but let’s get in early!), so Bristol antifascists have a stall at the gig and are organising letter writing and card signing for imprisoned comrades. Let them know they are not forgotten…

Check out these sites for more info:

July 25, 2017 – Third Annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners